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What Attitude Should You Bring To The Rink

Youth Hockey tips

Former Chicago Wolves Coach, Don Granato and his five siblings, played many sports while growing up.  However, it was their love of hockey that survived.  As Mom of these die-hard hockey fans, I want to share my insight on how hockey translates to family fun.


TIP # 5 - What Attitude Should You Bring To The Rink - Be A Supporter, Not a Whiner


You love hockey, right?  You loved watching it and finally you are playing it!  You might agree with me that it is one of the greatest games ever.

What makes hockey so great?  The players and their coaches make it great.  The parents and the spectators make it great.

Let’s keep it great and have lots of fun by bringing a positive attitude to the rink.

  1. Keep your equipment clean and in good shape.
  2. Be on time for practices and games.
  3. Greet your teammates and coaches with a smile and “hello”.Work hard in practice.  Show some hustle.
  4. Take your turn at picking up pucks, filling water bottles or carrying equipment to and from locker room to the bench.
  5. Keep locker room clean.  Toss tape and garbage into trashcan.
  6. Respect the arena where you play and the management by following directions on posted signs.
  7. During a game, pay attention and be ready to jump on the ice quickly for your shift.
  8. Play fair and come off ice when your shift ends.
  9. Be a team player.  Pass the puck.
  10. Learn from others around you.  This is important!
  11. Congratulate your teammates on their good work.
  12. Be a good sport no matter if you win or loose the game.
  13. Thank your coaches for their time.
  14. Thank your parents for taking you to the game.
  15. Thank your siblings and friends for coming out to watch your game.

Wow!  That sure is a lot of ways to show a positive attitude, isn’t it?  When you love doing something, it shows.  When you are positive and your actions prove that, you become a team leader.  

If you are negative and whine or complain about your hockey experiences, you are not a team player. You are just a whiner and will never become a leader.

If you really don’t like hockey enough to play positively, hang up your skates.  Choose a sport that you do like and enjoy that sport.  

Take your best attitude to the rink.  And, don’t forget…..GO WOLVES !!

Wolves head coach, Don Grantao, with his mom, Natalie.Natalie Granato is the mother of former Wolves Coach Don Granato.  A true Hockey Mom in every sense of the word, Natalie has attended thousands of games while parenting her six children, four of whom play hockey.  From the small outdoor rinks that her kids skated on to the International and Professional games she’s attended, nothing thrills Natalie more than to share her family’s love of hockey with others.  Write Natalie@usamom21.com with your comments.









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