Lucky Number 13 Photo: Ross Dettman/Chicago Wolves
30 July 2013

Lucky Number 13

Joining fellow forward Tim Miller for a fourth season with the Chicago Wolves, right wing Mike Davies is ready to get back on the ice with a new coach, a new team and a new attitude.

You’re here with the Wolves again. Take us through the process of coming back.

I’m really, really happy about it, first of all. No one treats you better than this organization. It all started back when the season ended. I had been weighing my options in Europe but I wanted to be here in Chicago. Wendell (Young) called me up recently and we talked through some things. He said John Anderson would be the coach and that kind of did it for me.

Why was Anderson’s return a big selling point for you?

Just because of his success in the past with the Wolves. He has won four championships, and he’s an offensive minded coach who really wants to win and I think that’s going to make a big difference for us. I haven’t met yet, but all I hear is good things so I can’t wait to get in there and start working.

Last season you got off to a slow start in terms of your production but then really picked things up in the second half. How do you feel about last year?

Any time you don’t win a championship, you can’t feel really good about a season. It was certainly a different year with the lockout because Vancouver’s players coming down pushed me out of a position. It wasn’t that I wasn’t playing well but other guys were there who were taking precedence. Once I started playing more, the better I got. Your confidence grows and things start to go your way. Personally I felt things ended well with my production. But because we didn’t make the playoffs I can’t feel very satisfied.

What has your offseason been like so far?

I’ve been back in St. Louis for the most part. Usually I golf a lot in the offseason but it has been way too hot. So mostly I’ve just been doing lots of training and getting ready to move up to Chicago in August.

Is there anything you’ve pinpointed that you want to do better this season?

Mostly I just want to continue producing on the ice in terms of points and be really consistent with that. I want to be “the guy” and I want to have a bigger role and bring a lot of energy. That’s what my attitude is this season. The Wolves are all about winning championships and that’s a big reason why I came back. With John Anderson and Gene Ubriaco and Wendell Young, they really emphasize not just the individual stuff but working together as a team to get better.

You’ll have a whole new team to get to know as well.

I’m excited about the affiliation change. I’m from St Louis and grew up a fan of that team and it’s good to be associated with them. The last two years I made some great friendships within the Canucks organization and it’s sad to see those guys go but with new faces you’re going to have harder practices and you’re pushing each other more. It will be nice to have Tim Miller back because he’s been my roommate in the past. Obviously Mark Mancari coming back is great. Wendell and Gene are really committed to putting the best product that they can on the ice. The core group of Wolves guys coming back is great; it’s just a bummer we don’t start for two months.

Speaking of Miller, he was the only guy at Anderson’s introductory press conference. Coach promised him time on the power play this season for his attendance. Where were you?

If I had known power play time was on the line, I would have rented a private jet to get up there for the conference. Should have known better.