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Breed: Red Nose Pitbull

Owner Name: Kara Michalec

Adoption Year: 2013

This starts a little sad because my 3 dogs had passed away within 2 weeks time. One, Milton (an American Bulldog/Pit mix), passed away January 31st, then Ale Capone (American Bully Pitbull) and Bedtime (Retired Greyhound) passed away February 13th. I was completely LOST and devastated. I also lost my 9 year old Retired Greyhound, Marla, in November. My pups have been my therapy and keep me from falling into depression these past 4.5 years since I have become disabled and lost my career as a Fire Fighter/EMT of 12 years. The night I walked into the game on Saturday February 16th, I was unaware it was an Adopt-A-Dog Night. As soon as I saw the dogs, my eyes welled up with tears and I advised my niece (who came to the game w/me) that we had to "run" through the area and not to stop and look at any of the dogs. She understood and as we made our way through, I felt a nudge at my feet and it was Rocky...

Rocky-2Yes, I stopped and as I squatted down near the floor, he leaned on me, put his head on my chest and I started bawling... the man who was holding Rocky asked me if I was OK and I explained my story to him. He was heartbroken...

My niece and I went to our seats and I couldn't stop thinking about Rocky and how he more or less "stopped" me. When the 1st period started, I couldn't wait and risk someone else adopting him, I went to fill out paperwork and made him my "Rock"! The man who was holding Rocky said he was SO happy we came back for him because he really felt a bond between us... needless to say, it's been 3 weeks now and Rocky & I have been inseparable! He's really helped me through all my losses and while he most certainly isn't a replacement for my pups who have crossed over the rainbow bridge, he definitely has filled the large paw prints left behind in my home. I have even started him in classes to become my certified therapy dog!

A HUGE Thank You to Darren Haydar for partnering w/CACC... without his partnership I would not have found my "Rock"...

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